Moving PrestaShop to another directory

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Moving your PrestShop store to a new directory literally looks like a hardtask. However, we mostly have found a fairly simple solution to this challenging issue. We provide a service that will assist you in moving basically your PrestShop store into a new directory within the same domain using various folders in a major way.

What about this service?

This service will move your shop to another directory located on your web service. If you are not a specialist at this, this process might be tough to manage. Since each version of the store differs from each other in functions, services, etc. That’s why it requires a particularly special approach and tools. By using this service you will save a lot of time and energy.


What are the specifications of this service?
1. Switching to another directory. Which means that we can transfer your shop from to and etc.
2. Moving all data. We will safely, quickly, and correctly transfer all data, files from the old directory to the new one. 
3. A special tool. For a quick and secure transfer, we use a special tool. We guarantee the total security of your data.
4. Backup. WWe create backups of your store data on a regular basis to ensure that all information is totally safe. Before starting the transfer process, we make a backup of the complete website database, as well as any files and emails.

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