10 ways to increase online store conversion rate and boost sales

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E-commerce has become an essential part of our regular life. Every day, more and more people make purchases in online stores.Thanks to the numerous shopping carts available on the market, creating an e-commerce site is no longer a difficult process. However, with increased competition among online stores, measuring the effectiveness of the site is becoming increasingly important.

Thanks to numerous shopping carts available on the market, creating an e-commerce website is no longer a difficult process. However, with increased competition among online stores, measuring the effectiveness of the site is becoming increasingly important.

Conversion rate is one of the most important indicators of an online store's success. It shows the ratio of the number of users who have reached the target actions to all site visitors. Accordingly, by increasing the conversion of the site, you can increase the number of orders and thereby the revenue of your store.

It should be noted that the target action for an online store is not always the purchase of goods. This can be a registration, a phone call, a subscription to a newsletter, a click on a certain link, etc. However, most online store owners still focus on the number of sales when calculating the conversion of the site. These include not only online orders, but also sales via phone calls.

How to improve your store conversion rate?

There is no reference value for website conversion, because the number of purchases is affected not only by the presence of the site and its appearance. The quality of the work of consultants and the terms of delivery are also important here. If your site's conversion rate is currently 1 or 2%, don't get upset - this is a good result. But it can be better. Here are some examples of how you can improve the results of your online store.

1.Design improvement

Design is the visual shell of the website. Having an impact on the visitor, design affects emotions, creates the initial impression of the brand and motivates people to make a purchase. User experience is ensured through attractive design.

When the majority of visitors stay on the site for no more than two minutes, it makes sense to reconsider the external features of the resource. Conversion parameters are frequently increased by 2-3 times as a result of a high-quality redesign.

In order to get the best out of your e-commerce store and increase sales, make sure that it is:

  • Responsive - Your website should demonstrate equally well on a computer screen, tablet, or smartphone, so that customers can place orders from any devices.
  • Loads quickly - Customers won’t stay on a website that takes too long to load. Make sure your shopping cart is upgraded to the latest version to deliver the best shopping experience for your customers.
  • Easy to navigate - Allowing your clients to become overwhelmed when visiting your website is not a good idea. It should be organized properly, with simple access to the shopping cart and all of the categories.

2.Free shipping

Free shipping is a nice perk with any purchase. Studies show that a vast amount of customers choose a store with delivery, which does not require payment. So why not take advantage of this to increase your conversion rate? To do this, you can include the cost of delivery in the price of the products or think over the limits, for example, when buying from $50, delivery will be free. That kind of method will encourage customers to shop on your website.

3.A sense of urgency

You can increase the conversion of an online store with the help of a sense of scarcity and urgency. Showing the popularity of the products by indicating that it is out of stock, specifying delivery times and run short sales, highlighting the limited validity of the promotion and other tricks work great at all the times. This is an effective way that will definitely increase your sales. Try it out and see for yourself!

4.Quality images

The disadvantage of an online store is the inability to touch the product and see it in real life. Your task is to do everything possible so that the buyer can see each product in detail and form the right opinion about it. To accomplish so, the website must upload high-quality images of the product taken from various angles. It would be even better if you could include a little video to each description to assist buyers in making the best selection possible.

5.Detailed description

Visual content is of the utmost importance, but don't forget about copy. The product description tells the story. A good product description evokes emotions, trust and confidence in customers which will eventually lead them to purchase something. Even if the product is simple and quite understandable, it should always include information such as size, weight, material, quantity in the package, etc.

6.Website usability

High loading speed, easy navigation, simple and clear menu are the main aspects which affect how comfortable users feel while being on your website. Unlike physical stores, customers don’t have a personal assistant who can talk about outstanding products and introduce them in detail. All you have is your website and its elements. Make your online store “communicative” and useful for your clients. To test how user-friendly your site is, go through the customer journey to purchase yourself. You will then know how easy it is to place an order and what to change or add to deliver the best shopping experience possible.

7.Online consultant

Managers who communicate with online store visitors can positively influence their decision to place an order. Like shop assistants, they advise customers and handle objections. Consultants are especially useful on websites that sell expensive and complex products, such as electronic techniques. Often it is online support that becomes the last step before buying. The chat manager must respond quickly and clearly to the needs of the clients and help them make the right choice of product.


One of the most effective ways to attract and keep a customer is to provide discounts or bonuses. Your online store should have an effective reward system. It is important that the conditions for receiving remuneration are plain and clear. By offering various bonuses to customers, you will increase their loyalty to your online store and boost the conversion rate. Create a special section with a sale that will be easy for customers to find on the site.

9.Add a pop-up

A pop-up window is very eye-catching and encourages visitors to click or do some specific action on your website. It is a tool that may be used to extend the time spent on a website, give discounts or free delivery, conduct a mini-survey, and more. Work on the pop-up window's appearance and content and it will become an inconspicuous reason for customers to stay on the site. The most important thing is to avoid overloading the web page with pop-ups.

10.Do A/B testing

A/B testing method is one of the strategies that can help you improve your website conversion rate, marketing campaigns and increase sales. This tool allows you to determine which of the two offered options is more effective. It also helps evaluate the validity of page changes, such as adding new design elements or CTAs. You can test your website landing page, content, design, functionality, etc. and see how well they are perceived by visitors.


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